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  • Author Patrick Burdine moonlights as sound guy, roadie and merch table operator! But when he's not carrying heavy amplifers for Ileana, he's writing some pretty creepy stuff. Check out his site for more info.

  • An excellent desert-dwelling singer/songwriter

  • Okay, he's not from NM but we'll count him as Southwest Pop

  • Flor Y Piedra (aka Lilliana De Leon and Peter Torsiello) is the amazing husband and wife neo-flamemco performace group who mixes flamenco, latin and rock music with spoken word, flamenco and modern dance. Very passionate performances!

  • This is my default site on my computer. Good news all the time! It's truly out there.

  • A cool EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Ileana

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Behind the scenes

Soon you will have access to all of the stuff you didn't really need to know about me! (And probably way too many photos of my pugs!)

Pugs! As promised...

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