I Heard It Start by Ileana Burdine

I heard a whisper rush through the limbs
and excite the leaves
I heard a branch begin to bend as it was slowly pulled
I heard some paper being skipped cross the street
the roar followed and it was scattered from my reach
and it was quiet again

I heard it start
my voice is drowned away
I heard it start
scattered from my reach
I feel the pressure in the entire house
I know if I look out
those trees will beckon me
Like waves upon a sea
A siren calling out to me

I heard it start
As it pushes me to go
I heard it start
It feels so cold

I feel like giving in to my sin
Can't face my back to the door
I might be dragged out
I strike a match I'm scared
I didn't want to see this, I didn't want to see this

I heard it start
Before I was filled with fear
I heard it start
The terror's in here