Pics from a couple of shows around Hollywood.

Club 66.JPG (24887 bytes)

The cool and hip club 66 on Sunset Blvd.

Dirty Mo's cool shirts.JPG (30248 bytes)

Dirty Mo's shirts - look for them near you soon.

Ileana at North.JPG (41533 bytes)

Me, playing that funky music at Club North.

Ileana singing.JPG (39801 bytes)

The Devil-Girl made me do it!

mellowing out.JPG (29290 bytes)

The camera had too much to drink!

rock on sound man.JPG (27291 bytes)

There's a reason that he is working sound and not on the stage...

Teon, Lee &.JPG (27172 bytes)

Some fans just chilling and enjoying the tunes.


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