More pics from my up and coming CD!

Ileana 1.jpg (159973 bytes)

Just another day at the office...

Ileana 2.jpg (159520 bytes)

Hard at work.

Ileana 3.jpg (181132 bytes)

Now THAT was a good take!

Ileana 4.jpg (178590 bytes)

"Feel the red room"

Liliana 1.jpg (211225 bytes)

Liliana helping out with some percussion.

Liliana 4.jpg (211176 bytes)

Liliana playing the palmas.

Liliana 6.jpg (211095 bytes)

Who says work can't be fun?

Mike 1.jpg (161925 bytes)

Mike playing bass.

Mike 2.jpg (160565 bytes)

If you download all four pictures...

Mike 3.jpg (158429 bytes)

...and then open them in rapid succession...

Mike 4.jpg (158031 bytes) can actually hear him play!

our session player.jpg (188657 bytes)

The session musician - he's a prodigy (and outta my budget range but he owed the producer a favor!)

Peter 1.jpg (176021 bytes)

Peter doing what producers do.  Making stuff happen!

Peter 2.jpg (185343 bytes)

Working hard...

Peter 3.jpg (187478 bytes)

I think...


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