Thank you for stopping by! And, thank you for searching out independent music! Check back frequently to see new music and photos! You can also sign up on the mailing list to receive periodic updates on upcoming shows and other news. It's good to see you here! Thanks again! -Ileana

12/27/2013 On The Road AgainThat's right, I'm back on the road and bringing music to a southwest town near you. Well, that's if you live near Albuquerque. I'll join singer/songwriter Jason Riggs for a show at Cafe Bella Coffee on Friday, December 27th from 7-9pm Cafe Bella is at 2115 Golf Course Rd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 and it's a free show. Come out to hear a great set from Jason and some brand new songs from me. Don't worry, I'll play some of the old favorites too. Hope to see you there!

6/15/2012 Short Break News Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't been booking live shows lately because I'm working on new music and my growing family. Don't worry, I'll send out an email when I book the next show. Be sure to be on the mailing list to get the info.

9/29/2011 Ileana Wins the Fan Favorite Award at the Malibu Music Awards Show! It was announced at the Malibu Music Awards Show that I won the Fan Favorite Award for the Festival! All of the shows at the festival were so much fun that to win the award was just the icing on the cupcake. We should have photos up soon from all of the events.

9/21/2011 Ileana Featured in The Malibu Times The Malibu Times just printed a story about the Malibu Music Festival with a short review of the set at Charlie's on Monday! Click here to read the article on their website.

9/12/2011 Ileana Opens the Malibu Music Festival! You'll have the chance to hear Ileana music four times at the upcoming Malibu Music Festival including at the opening concert on Monday. I will perform solo acoustic sets at the Malibu Country Mart Monday afternoon and Charlie's Restaurant Monday night. I'll perform a duo acoustic show with Chuck Crowe on Wednesday at the Sunset Restaurant. And on Friday you can see the whole band at Kristy's Wood Oven and Wine Bar. Details can be found below in the Shows section.

4/8/2011 Ileana Music on a NEW Webseries and a NEW SONG! Big news! The NEW Webseries "The World of Holly Woodlands" premiered this month using 5 of my songs including one for their trailer and a brand new song written just for the series as the opening credits! The series follows Calle, a size 10 actress in an upside down world where skinny is unattractive and leading ladies are a size 18. It explores how society dictates the definition of beautiful regardless of what world you live in. "Perfect" is the song that I wrote just for the series and it addresses the idea of knowing you're everything you need to be just as you are. Check out the whole series at Calle's Blog. You can hear all of the songs they're using there and you can also hear the new song on my website. Click here to hear it.

12/20/2010 An Ileana Appearance on a New CD! Some of you are already familiar with the great work by Roger Jameson and his newest release is no exception! He's teamed up with Dave Williams for a new project called "The Muse On Hopeful Street" and he invited me to sing background vocals on a few of the tracks. Pick it up to hear what we did or, really, just pick it up because it's a really cool release. You can get it at cdbaby.

8/12/2010 Ileana Plays the Viper RoomThat's right! I recently performed at the World Famous Viper Room to an eager crowd of hard core fans! So excited by the show itself, I forgot to bring my camera but we're checking around to see if we can get photos from someone there. We'll keep you posted!

4/18/2010 Sabrina sings Ileana Many of you out here in Southern California may have heard about a new teen sensation named Sabrina Lentini. Well she has recorded a song that I wrote with another of my co-writers whom a lot of you have met at my shows, Athena Marie. The song she recorded is a great uptempo teen beat kind of song which is something a bit different from what I usually write. Sabrina's solo cd is called Underage Thinking and our song is called "Amazing" - check her myspace out to hear her singing it - Sabrina.

1/11/2010 Videos on YouTubeHave no fear those of you who can't quite make the commute because you live in another state (or country!) David has been kind enough to record the the last couple of shows that we played there and they are now available for you to checkout whenever and wherever you are. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys if you would like to see more of this kind of thing. Also, I know that many of my fans are the creative sort and I am thinking of doing a little video contest for a couple of my songs. Please let me know if you would be interested in seeing this sort of thing. Here's the link to the music:

7/29/09 Star Sighting Yes, yes, it's LA and there are famous people everywhere. But how often do you get to share a stage with one of them? I was able to sing with Jeff Goldblum and his jazz band at Aqua Club in Beverly Hills last month. I had a great time the whole night was a lot of fun. Check out a couple photos.

7/3/09 Ileana makes an appearance in a new CD! Roger Jameson's new CD Antique Daisies and a Late Summer Parade, is brilliant! And I don't say that just because I was lucky enough to do some singing on it but because it's the coolest journey you can take on your ipod. Get your copy of the experience Here!

6/26/09 Ileana in a movie! My friend David Kowal has just released his documentary This Is How We Dream that follows singer songwriters in LA - how they do what they do. Pick one up at Amazon and you'll be treated to a brief bit of Secret Sunshine by lil' ol' me!

11/1/08 A break from live performances. I'll be taking several months off from live performances but never fear, I'll keep writing and post songs as soon as they are ready for you to hear. And, I promise to post when I am performing once again!

9/12/08 Billboard Song Contest Top Honors! 3 songs from my CD 'Without Your Breath' received an Honorable Mention from The Billboard Song Contest! Out of thousands of entries, they thought these three deserved a little recognition and I am grateful for the honor.
*Without Your Breath
Honorable Mention Contemporary Christian/Gospel
*Thy Will Be Done
Honorable Mention Contemporary Christian/Gospel
*Outside The Sunrise
Honorable Mention Americana/Folk.

8/6/08 Ileana guest appearance on new CD! Chuck Crowe's new CD, Another Nevermore, features 14 songs including one that we co-wrote together, "I Keep Not Getting Over You" and one that Chuck asked me to sing for him, "Should I Walk By Again." Many of you have heard "I Keep" at my shows and now you can get Chuck's version of it on his CD! "Should I Walk By Again" is a fun love song, or not in love song I should say, that I've enjoyed singing with Chuck. It was a lot of fun to record in the studio and I think you can hear that in the song. The whole CD is top notch and I've found myself listening to it over and over. I hope you support local artists and pick one up Here!

5/12/08 Ileana music on the McDonalds After Party CD and Website! McDonalds and Arkiteks Music Group have teamed up to bring you the After After Party Music Sampler including a track from Ileana's new release! Go to the After After Party Website to check out the Ileana page and listen to her track "Thy Will Be Done." "Thy Will Be Done" will appear on a future volume of the CD sampler but you can order a FREE copy of the current volume now with lots of great music! Special thanks to 1220 Media for their amazing graphics and their help in setting up this event! Check out both www.1220Media.com and www.thearkiteks.com

3/14/08 'Don't Wake Me Up' in the top 25! I recently entered a brand new song in the Durango's Songwriter's Contest and it placed in the TOP 25! The song "Don't Wake Me Up" is a super poppy love song that I wrote with songwriter Chuck Crowe You can hear it on the songs page or click here.

3/1/08 A new Ileana Blog! I started a blog! Check out All My Heart to learn all about the crazy inner workings of the original super ordinary girl. No it's not a soap opera. Not yet anyway...

12/15/07 "Without Your Breath" now on ITUNES!You can now get any or all of the songs from "Without Your Breath" at ITUNES! Just click ITUNES to take a look!

11/20/07 "Without Your Breath" available online! The online retailer CDBaby is now stocking the new CD! Go to CDBaby to get your copy now! There are clips of every song on the CD there so you can check all of it out. You can also get previous Ileana releases at CDBaby through that same link. Just look for the other Ileana titles on the left hand side of the page.

10/5/07 Ileana Music to air on Mister B's Jukebox on WPMD.org, Tuesday, October 9 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM. He will play the title song "Without Your Breath" from the new album. You can listen on the internet at WPMG.org.

9/16/07 "Without Your Breath" CD Release and Tour! The official release party will be on 10/12 at Synergy Cafe and the tour will follow immediately visiting cities Arizona and New Mexico! Check the show listings below for more details.

5/15/07 The new CD is mastered! We're sending it off to the manufacturers where they will press the copies for you! I'm so excited about how it sounds and I can't wait for you to hear it! Next step, planning the cd release party. I will let you know as soon as everything is settled! Then we can all celebrate together! Woohoo!

4/7/07 The new CD is mixed! That means every song is recorded, all the tracks are there and the next step is the mastering. This is where they add the secret sauce to the mix to make it all pop! One step closer to your CD player!

3/15/07 Cafe Press Thank you. Come again. Yes, I've opened up shop! No, not a Quicky Mart but an online shop at Cafe Press! Some of you may already have a cool Ileana T-shirt or Super Ordinary Girl sticker. But no one, I mean, no one has a Super Ordinary Girl messenger bag! Be the first on your block! Check out all of the other cool SOG items you can get. And of course, there are dog t-shirts. How could I not?

3/1/07 Benefit Concert to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on Friday, March 9th. I'm one of four artists for the evening so for a mere donation, you can see four great sets by four amazing artists, eat some yummy food and help out a cool organization! And, a portion of all CD sales will be donated to LLS! So if you discover a new artist that you like that night or need to complete your Ileana collection, this is the place to do it! I'm honored to be a part of the whole thing and would be even more honored if you joined me and helped out too. For show details, including the websites of the other artists performing, please check the show listings below. Show Flier

2/9/07 Song clip from the new CD! I spent all last week in the studio with Peter and we worked on a LOT of cool stuff. I can only let you hear a little bit but I think you'll like it. Einstein In A Skirt Clip. Don't get too attached to it, though. The day after getting this version, we had my friend D.J. Reed come in and lay down some killer harmonica tracks! If I had THAT version, it'd knock your socks off. And it's chilly so I wouldn't want you without your socks. You'll just have to wait.

11/14/06 Ileana's song "Hold Me" is played on WPMG.org during their up and coming independent artists hour!

9/15/06 Many of you have been following the saga of Patrick and the production of his first sold screenplay. "SlaughterhousePhi: Death Sisters" has now been released on DVD! This means it can be rented on Netflix and at Blockbuster and purchased online at places like Amazon and BestBuy.com! As a warning to all, this movie is not appropriate for children. It IS a horror movie. It's written in the B-horror style which means it contains gushing blood, classic death scenes, women in their underwear, silly jokes and a gruesome living dead monster. I know, very different from an Ileana show. This style of movie may not suit your tastes. If that's the case, tell your horror loving friends to check it out. We'll be sure to update you when his romantic comedy comes out. However, I did want you to know and celebrate with us Patrick's success and official entry as a screenwriter on IMDB.com! Hooray!

6/19/06 Ileana to appear on the Catty Open Mic Show Monday, June 26th, at 11:30 p.m. on Adelphia Public Access, ch. 77 in Los Angeles; ch. 25 in Santa Monica.

6/1/06 Recording starts on the brand new Ileana CD! The release is currently slated for February 2007!

5/28/06 This year, THREE of Ileana's songs were awarded Honorable Mentions in the 13th Annual Billboard Song Contest! "Waiting So Long", "What R U So Afraid Of" and "Hold Me" each received an Honorable Mention in their respective categories! Billboard receives literally thousands of songs every year so this is very exciting news!

5/20/06 Ileana music now on ITUNES! Currently Super Ordinary Girl and Counting Stars As They Fall are available! These links take you directly to their pages where you can purchase the albums or individual songs! Itunes is necessary for this, but it's free from apple.com.

5/12/06 You may remember that "What R U So Afraid Of" was selected as one of the songs for the video "Vegan Fitness-Built Naturally". This video is now available! It's already been nominated for the Best Feature Length Documentary at the Mid-Valley Video Festival this past February! For more information or to purchase a copy check out their website: www.veganbodybuilding.com/products. Thanks again to Robert for asking me to be part of this project! It's been very fun!

4/20/06 Thanks to everyone in LA and Santa Monica for checking out the Catty Open Mic Show on Adelphia (98 in LA, 77 in SM) this month! Once again, the fabulous Meria has put together a fun show full of music and jokes and she was gracious enough to include Ileana. Ileana performed "Unworthy" in front of a live studio audience and it was great! We plan to add the performance to the new website once it's up and running! Thanks again to Meria for having me on the show! Californians, keep an eye out for rebroadcasts!

3/25/06 Apparently our angel at the Canyon Crier got another Ileana article in the paper! It came out just this past Thursday and is still on newsstands. Pick one up while you still can! Thanks, Mark!

2/14/06 Ileana on Band Radio! Click on Band Radio and request 'What R U So Afraid Of" often! Thank you for your help!

1/9/06 This week's Entertainment Today magazine, coming out on Friday, January 13th, will have a two page article in it about Ileana! A copy will eventually be posted on the website but, come on; you know that might take awhile. So pick up your copy at newsstands in LA from the Valley to Santa Monica. A BIG thanks to Mark Boudreaux!

1/5/06 My paper angel at the LA Weekly Canyon Crier has gotten me on the front page! Yes, my smiling face, along with Julie Gribble and V.K. Lynne was on the front page of last week's Canyon Crier with details on the upcoming Room 5 show on January 18th. Okay, not smiling face, it's the brooding serious Ileana for this photo, but cool none-the-less.

12/01/05 BestBuy.com and CD Baby have teamed up to allow you to purchase music from independent artists like Ileana! Search for Ileana here or use the BestBuy Kiosk.

12/01/05 Operation Gratitude is a very amazing group that puts together care packages for those men and women fighting in the armed forces during the holiday season. They send out food, cards, DVDs, CDs, letters and other gifts to soldiers as a thank you for all of the sacrifices they make serving our country. I've donated some of my Counting Stars and Super Ordinary Girl CDs and you can help as well. No, you don't need to run out and record a CD. Just write a letter of gratitude to a soldier and send it to: Operation Gratitude / Carolyn Blashek. 16444 Refugio Road Encino, California 91436 USA If you're interested in making some other donation, check out their wish list on their website. www.operationgratitude.com

Voted 'Best Musical Production-Adult Contemporary' for the song "Barely" by the New Mexico Music Industry Awards Voted 'Best Female Vocalist', 'Best Songwriter' and 'Musician of the Year' by the Weekly Alibi